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FACTS before uninstalling windows and use linux


Hello everyone..Im a newbie with linux but I want to try it. I have a desktop computer running on xp with 226 mb of RAM. I want to know whether or not i need to reinstall the drivers of my modem and other hardware connected to my pc if i uninstall xp and use the linux? If so, are the drivers available in linux version?

My pc is so slow and I think my windows is corrupted thats why I want to switch to Linux..

I hope you can give a good suggestions. As much as possible, I dont want to reinstall my drivers..I dont have the cd anymore.

Lastly, wat version should i use if i am more on image editing..



  • Naiki
    Naiki Posts: 7
    Most Linux OS's dont need hardware drivers to be installed (except graphics cards). If you remove then reinstall windows you will need to install drivers again.

    Try posting your laptops exact name or the hardware in it here, someone should be able to tell you if it works fine with Linux.

    Also, try a live CD. That way you dont actually need to install anything on your PC and nothing changes.


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