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The Distro for KDE?


What is distribution has best implemented KDE?

The last time I used Kubuntu it was slow and buggy but OpenSuse wasn't, and Fedora had little bugs. Is it better now? Or try Fedora or OpenSuse.


  • kggy
    kggy Posts: 18
    the new jaunty based Kubuntu is better now, but you should consider using Ubuntu, it has many new things as far as the kernel goes and it is way more stable than KDE.
  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    I am a long time KDE user, who has switched his main production machine to fedora 11 and gnome 2.26, which, at the moment is much more stable than kde 4.2.4. I haven't tried kde 4 on fedora 11 yet, I don't think there is much difference between the different distros that run it. I hear the same complaints in the forums of all the different distros that use it.
    My advice would be to get some live cd's that base their distros on kde and give them a try. PCLinuxOS just had a release today, I would figure that would be the one to go to first. Also, sidux just had a pre-release that contains kde 4.2.4 and was just released a few days ago, I still run sidux on a couple of machines, and they run as stable as kde 4 gets.
    Don't get me wrong, kde 4 will be amazing one day, it just can't handle what I put my production machine through on a daily basis. Right now, Gnome can.
  • cdwillis
    cdwillis Posts: 1
    If you don't mind configuring some things I'd recommend Arch.
  • raluxs
    raluxs Posts: 20
    I really don't like much KDE 4.x but is working fine on Mandriva, check it out.

  • saigkill
    saigkill Posts: 5
    I think the next Possible and good Distro for using KDE is openSUSE :-)
  • thangola
    thangola Posts: 2
    saigkill wrote:
    I think the next Possible and good Distro for using KDE is openSUSE :-)


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