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Need help using ksplice!

dannyp32 Posts: 2

hello i recently found out about ksplice which lets you perform updates without a reboot

i tried to install it but i dont know how to use it

i am pretty sure i installed it correctly

i installed it through the terminal by typing sudo apt-get install ksplice and everything went well (it shows up in the synamptc package manager as installed)

the problem is i dont know how to update using ksplice

there isnt anything in the ubuntu menu about ksplice and it doesnt show up in the panel either

i checked here [ http://www.ksplice.com/uptrack/using ] and it says you can insert a command to upgrade but this is what i get

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo uptrack-upgrade

sudo: uptrack-upgrade: command not found

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ uptrack-upgrade

bash: uptrack-upgrade: command not found

i know there are updates availabe for my system since i checked using the regular ubuntu update manager

i cannot reboot since i am using a live cd and i desperately need to upgrade to the latest kernel for this reason



can you guys help me use it i really need this



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