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integerating Samba file server with Windows 2003AD


i installed RHEL 5 with samba 3.0.28 and want to integerate this server with my windows 2003 R2 AD. with the help of the below link i configured the required file.


when i try to attach the server into domain using

net ads join -U username@domain name. i get the error message

[root@sambatest ~]# net ads join -U elvbk@KSLND6.*****.CO.IN

Host is not configured as a member server.

Invalid configuration. Exiting....

Failed to join domain: Invalid domain role. i attach the configuration of smb & krb and test results of kinit, testparm, net ads info. in the samba file.


  • joshua.baldock
    I believe this error is generally reported if the user you are trying to add the machine to the domain with, doesn't have sufficient privileges to do so.

    Have you tried using the Administrator account to add the RHEL5 server?
  • raluxs
    raluxs Posts: 20
    I believe you need to create the computer account in AD before you can join it to the domain.

    Good luck
  • vbharath01
    problem solved thnks for the reply.B)


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