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Hey all!

I just created an IPCOP firewall with THREE network interfaces - Green, Orange and Red.

IP Settings set as below:

GREEN - - Leasing DHCP


RED - Getting IP from cable modem

Then I uploaded COPFILTER with SCP protocol and then SHH'd on the firewall and performed the install. Everything worked like a charm from the beginning till the end. Then after rebooting the COPFILTER section came up and noticed that I had to set an SMTP server to act as an email notification server. Now this is where I got stuck...

Does anybody know how I can create a mail server capable of sending/receiving from over the Internet and running on default ports 110/25. As for SMTP(out) shouldnt be a problem, but I am not sure if it can be done with POP3(in). I downloaded a freeware software which emulates as an SMTP server (http://www.softstack.com) but still cant make much sense of it.

In simple words: How can I setup a mail server? not MS exchange, something free...



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