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Mahjong Zodiac for Linux Released


Mahjong Zodiac‚Ñ¢ for Linux Released

Artex Studios, Inc.® today has announced the immediate availability of Mahjong Zodiac™ for Linux

Budapest, Hungary, June 23th, 2009 – Artex Studios, Inc.® is proud to announce the immediate availability of Mahjong Zodiac™ for Linux, a funny and colorful casual skill game. It has a very unique 3-matching and mahjong gameplay.

“Familiar, yet entirely new, Mahjong Zodiac™ will appeal to mahjong and puzzle lovers alike! Embark on a journey through ancient China and Buddha’s life in this story-filled skill game. As you progress from level to level, a beautifully illustrated story is revealed, immersing you in a great gaming experience. Mahjong Zodiac™ is perfect for Linux gamers of all ages!”– said Jozsef Trencsenyi, CEO and founder of Artex Studios, Inc.® and owner of CasualGameStore.com portal.

Artex Studios, Inc.® has released a GNU/Linux version of its Mahjong Zodiac™ game while lowering the price of Windows version. The new GNU/Linux version brings significant improvements and bug fixes to play the game more intuitively. The price has also been lowered to better reflect the market expectations.

“We have got a great Windows game and we want to make it affordable for even more customers and spread to a wider audience” – said Mr. Trencsenyi.

Game features:

* Classic and New Gameplay Elements

* 96 Levels

* Gorgeous Graphics

* Authentic Chinese Music

* Impressive Sound Effects

* and many more…

System Requirements:

* GNU/Linux Operating System with SDL, SDL_image, SDL_mixer and SDL_ttf shared libraries

* Pentium II 500 MHz CPU

* 128 MB RAM

Pricing and Availability:

Mahjong Zodiac‚Ñ¢ can be purchased from the CasualGameStore.com for US$9.99. A free demo version with 12 levels is available for download.






Visit http://www.CasualGameStore.com to download the demo version. Feel free to contact us if you need a full version for review.

About Artex Studios, Inc.®

Artex Studios, Inc.® is a Hungary based independent casual game developer company founded by Jozsef Trencsenyi. Artex creates high-quality games for Windows, MacOSX, Linux, console, handheld and mobile platforms since 1999. The company is recognized for games like Franklin the Turtle™ for GameBoy Advance; Happy Melodies™ for Windows, Mahjong Zodiac™ for Linux, Windows, iPhone, WiiWare; STR8 Racing™ for Flash 9 and Road Rage: Rampage Edition™ for iPhone, WiiWare.

For more information, please visit their website at http://www.CasualGameStore.com.


Jozsef Trencsenyi



Artex Studios, Inc.®

2072 Zsambek,

Honved u. 18.







  • ludovic.ferre
    Hum... you have a Linux GPL version available but it's a trial only download, and one must pay for the full version?

    Are you sure you have read the GPL?
  • jtrencsenyi
    ludovic.ferre wrote:
    Hum... you have a Linux GPL version available but it's a trial only download, and one must pay for the full version?

    Are you sure you have read the GPL?

    Hi Ludovic!

    Mahjong Zodiac for Linux does not a GPL licensed game. It is a commercial project. We have a full version for $9.99 with 96 levels and a binary only Public Domain (not GPL) demo version for free.

    Have a nice day!

    Jozsef Trencsenyi
    Artex Studios, Inc.


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