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virtual computer for every monitor

ghost Posts: 3

alright i was wondering where i could find out how to use one single computer with x number of monitors to have it's own virtual computer for each monitor without the virtual computers messing with each other.

i remember reading about this somewhere and just recently remembered it when my job started taking suggestions for saving time and money.

any info can help or even just a point in the right direction, and yes before you send me a link i have googled it.


  • woboyle
    woboyle Posts: 501
    Most virtual machine managers (vmm) will handle multiple VM's running at the same time. You can put them on whatever monitor(s) that you have in a working Linux system. I have a dual monitor 64-bit system and sometimes run a different VM (XP, Solaris, Linux, QNX) on each screen. I use Sun's VirtualBox vmm.
  • tw3ak
    tw3ak Posts: 37
    There was an article on this site about Ubuntu and CentOS being used for thin clients that may be something to consider for a business use. They are using virtualization .
  • ludovic.ferre
    I remember seeing an article with some nice picture showing one computer with something like 5~6 set of video cards, usb key board and mouses.

    The biggest challenge was to get pci based graphic cards, and then configuring the system to startup the various terminals as well as map the keyboards, mices and screen to match.

    I can't find the url for the document and picture I saw long ago, but you can search for multiseat multihead linux and this should yeild some kind of results.

    Here's a site I digged: http://www.multiseatcomputer.be/. It's not in English but the pictures are clear enough to answer your question.
  • ghost
    ghost Posts: 3
    thankyou soo much! it isn't exactly much but it is sending me in what i hope is the right direction! i was able to get a rough translation of the site and was able to get a search able name for the technique. once again thankyou!
  • ScHmItCh
    ScHmItCh Posts: 10
    As previous posts have said it shouldn't be to hard to run multiple vms at the same time and put each of them on a different monitor. If you were to use usb mice and keyboards you should be able to connect each set to one virtual machine. I know in vmware and in virtualbox you can connect usb devices and they only operate on that vm.

    If you are talking about running multiple x sessions and sending each of those to a different monitor that is a different beast. I don't have any experience with that now have I seen it.

    The multiple monitor configuration can be tricky depending on your knowledge and distro you are on. I know on Ubuntu you need to edit the xorg.conf file on your own. There are some GUI tools for ti but none of them have been successful for me.

    Please post your solution if you find one. I'm sure most people are interested!
  • Goineasy9
    Goineasy9 Posts: 1,114
    As am I. The reason I made a Fedora 11 install, was to experiment with KVM. Having each virtual machine tied to it's own monitor sounds fascinating.


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