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Chapter 7 - Application Resiliency [LAB][pcf dev]

vlaskovic Posts: 13
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I have started my LFS232 training recently.

Curretnly I am working on Chapter 7 - Application Resiliency LAB, being to able to finish my task  described in title.

Using pcf dev, following error is thrown: cf kill --help 


'kill' is not a registered command. See 'cf help -a'


May you suggest the answer since I havent managed to find any documentation related, please?



Thank you,



  • spgreenberg
    spgreenberg Posts: 86
    edited December 2017

    The exercise calls for you to POST to the kill endpoint of the app.  `cf kill` is not a command, the kill endpoint is implemented in the application.

    For example, you could: `curl -X POST http://your-app/kill`


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