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LFS101x as Optional Pre-Requisite for LFS201

fbmondia Posts: 3

Hi Guys,

Just recently purchased the LFS201+LFCS exam bundle for a great price and now starting to go through the course. I've stumbled that they are recommending the go through LFS101x before starting LFS201 as it has great tips on some topics not covered in detail on 201. 

Is this worth the effort? I'm a fairly experience Linux systems admin (more than 10 years of use) but I have to admit some of the topics in 101x are not that familiar to me. Is it work the effort?


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  • john21
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    I'm pretty new to use. I've been playing around with different distros for a few years now in my home lab environment and I've been running linux on my main PC for about year. Based on the number of years I'd say you're ready for LFS201x. However, I've also read elsewhere in the forums that someone with years of direct Linux experience having some questions in regards to some of the material. My suggestion is to sign up for it, because it's free so why not. I'd also take a look through the material and I'd imagine that you probably know what areas you know and don't know. Do some of the labs or watch some of the videos on the topics you're unsure of. Even if you don't want to do that, I'd still recommend signing up for the course and having it open in another window/tab while you are going through LFS201x. Just in case.

  • coop
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    Its free -- take a look at it.  The important topics *not* covered in LFS201 are:

    1) use of editors (vi, emacs, nano, gedit, etc)

    2) getting help on line (man, --help etc)

    3) bash and scripting and basics like environment variables

    4) text manipulation utilties like sed, grep, awk etc.

    5)GUI interfaces, desktop choices etc.

    This stuff is not in LFS201 just because it is already long and we have it in LFS101x which is free

    If you are experienced you probably know all or most of this, so if you want you can look at LFS101 only if you see something and go hmmmm how do i use cut or paste or sed or awk etc. :)


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