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[SOLVED] How to change Default Desktop in Ubuntu

Xipher_Zero Posts: 48

Hello everyone. I am trying to figure out how to make changes to the Desktop persistent across new user accounts. A few years ago I was using PCLinuxOS and all you have to do was copy the relevant config files to the /etc/skel directory.

This doesn't work in Ubuntu 9.04 (Actually it made it so that I was unable to create any new user accounts ..... X(

Was hoping someone might have the answer to this one!




  • Xipher_Zero
    Xipher_Zero Posts: 48
    Just in case anyone runs across this thread and has the same question, you can setup a universal default configuration in Ubuntu 9.04 by copying the setting config files to the /etc/skel directory.

    My main install is a little borked I guess and will not work, but I just finished an Ubuntu remaster and all settings worked from within that install.



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