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can someone tell me the name of this theme?

i found this screenshot in the crossover db as a demonstration screenshot, but i really would like a link to that theme. be it openSUSE kde, gnome, or xfce.



  • Xipher_Zero
    Xipher_Zero Posts: 48
    I looks like a mash up of different things. KBFX for the suse menu button. Openbox for the windows manager, and white translucency on the KDE 3.5 panel. The icons are the new Oxygen Icons from KDE 4 series. The wallpaper is a Suse centric wallpaper from www.kde-look.org.

    Hope that helps
  • thanks, i appreciate the help
  • Xipher_Zero
    Xipher_Zero Posts: 48
    Your very welcome!


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