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How to setup VM for LFS201 Training

wlema58 Posts: 1


I tried using the pre-built VM with Hyper-V but it gave me alot of errors. Something to do with MDADM

So I decided to start from scratch. I downloaded the Ubuntu 16.04 ISO and created the VM in HYPER-V.

I ran the script ready-for.sh with the install option and it ran and installed all the necessary programs.

What I'd like to know if there is a script that will setup the user student and all the directories that are used by this user just like on the exam.



  • luisviveropena


    >What I'd like to know if there is a script that will setup the user student and all the directories that are >used by this user just like on the exam.

    It seems we don't have any script doing that. The only script I'm aware of is ready-for.sh.



  • coni
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    Sorry mistake 

  • luisviveropena

    No problem!

  • stongench
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    Hi I saw hyper question on the exam but I dont remember taking any class on virtualization in the course, could you please point me out where is it script and virtualization part?

    thnx in advance

  • coop
    coop Posts: 915

    It is neither possible or desireale to design a course so that it can make sure to cover every possible exam question.  In fact there are other areas much more likely to be covered in an exam, such as editors (vi, emacs etc) and bash scripting and command line basics, that are not in LFS201 and we encourage people to take LFS101x at edx.org (for free) to prepare for this course (which is already rather long)


    Secondly, the LFCS exam is *performance based* so one cannot expect multiple choice etc type of quick quesitons.  Virutalization is listed in the domains document as 5 percent of the content; I personally cannot imagine doing a performance exam question easily.  (Training and certification have a firewall between them so I definitely do not know what is on exams.)

    So in summary, there will be areas in LFS201 not on the exam, and areas in the exam not on LFS201.  Our purpose with this course is to help students get the path to the skills they need to a successful career, not only get a certification credential.  

    The new domains for the next version of LFCS (coming out in Q1 or so) will have more on virtualization contained, and the next version of LFS201 will have detailed sections on it.  Students enrolled in the current version will have access to the new version hopefully in a few weeks.  However, this does not affect w3hat was on the exam you have already apparently taken.  I hope this helps.


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