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what is the roll of shell in command processing?


  • tinny
    tinny Posts: 5
    A shell is basically a piece of software that is used as an interface for human beings to input text commands to other applications resident on a computer (including parts of the OS core itself).

  • engless
    engless Posts: 11
    It's how you use a computer when you have no graphical desktop and mouse.

    Like in the 'good old days' of DOS and CP/M.

    Or when you want a really secure system.
  • danielrmt
    danielrmt Posts: 1
    Basicaly, the shell is the terminal.
  • gr8linux
    gr8linux Posts: 26
    i wanna know how does shell process a command?
  • tw3ak
    tw3ak Posts: 37
    If your looking for the actual inner workings of how a "shell" operates I can't help you.

    A Shell takes , "stdin" and processes it. stdin is standard input ie... keyboard or mouse and processes it to either stdout or stderror. standard output (what you see on the screen))
  • Last_Dino
    Last_Dino Posts: 2
    The shell is a user interface, just like a graphical desktop environment. For example, the most common shell by far on Linux is BASH, used in (I think) every form of GNU/Linux, as well as many other *nix OS's and Mac OS X.

    The shell translates human-readable language into the binary commands usable by the machine, and outputs the binary outputs of programs into human-readable text (in the case of a command-line shell), or graphical output (in the case of a graphical shell)

    The shell interfaces directly with the Kernel, which is where all the "real work" happens, such as invoking programs, communicating with hardware, etc.

    Certain graphical programs are "front-ends," which give users a graphical interface to use existing command-line programs. These programs run commands through a Command-line shell (such as BASH), usually in a way that is not visible to the user. Other graphical programs might send commands to a graphical shell (such as the X Window System), or even directly to the kernel.
  • gr8linux
    gr8linux Posts: 26
    thankyou very much.
    can u plz gv me some links related to command processing to clear it out more.


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