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i want to know about themes

tonjaa Posts: 19


i use ubuntu9.04 normal i use theme from Appearance Preferences . and i use Compiz for some effect.

i try to add Emerald themer0.7.2 i want to know how i can use

Emerald theme ? and it's have a problem or not ? if i use it.

please tell me the way. :huh:


  • abrenar
    abrenar Posts: 117
    I am not telling you not to ask questions, asking questions is showing you some interest in your linux distro, but it is a good choice if you will google it and try it and if you got some problem that is the time for you to ask why is that problem occur. Linux is a great Operating system that needs some unerstanding, learning and lots of researching because it is unlimited in resources.

  • kggy
    kggy Posts: 18
    you can use emerald and any other themes if your graphics card supports it and if you have the right drivers installed.
    if youcan enable the extra effects in Appearance Preferences->Visual Effects, then there is a good chance that your graphics card supports heavier themes and graphic effects.
    there are nice themes already in easily installable packages, give these a try first and read more about emerald etc.


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