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Index file order in DirectoryIndex is not working

Nickalf Posts: 1

I'm currently running Ubuntu v8.04

I have the following in the apache2.conf...

<IfModule dir_module>
DirectoryIndex index.pl index.php index.html

...and yet index.html always loads first, which I don't want !

I've also tried it in the httpd.conf with the same result.

Is there somewhere else that overrides my DirectoryIndex

with this version Distro, as it worked fine in the previous

version I was running up until April ?


Nick. . . :)


  • favoretti
    favoretti Posts: 5
    Hi Nick,

    Well, for starters a few basic checks:
    1) Is your dir_module linked to mods-enabled?
    2) Do you have index.pl or index.php in the directory you're trying to access?
    3) In which section of the configuration file did you put this directive? VirtualHost, General section, inside <Directory> directive?



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