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server virtualization

Hello all,

Can you guys tell me if I can install a few servers (samba, dekiwiki, wordpress, etc...) on a headless server using virtualization (virtual box or vmware) and get decent performance for home use. Or am I asking for trouble? Running these as separate vms would be so convenient and easy to backup and manage. Would I get similar performance as running these on one server without virtualization?

Also can anyone recommend any configurations



  • dmjedli
    dmjedli Posts: 6

    Using the free vm options available to you, you can easily create those machines. I'm running five (two apache, one mysql, one file and backup, one dns/dhcp/monitoring) in VMServer.

    The key... RAM allocation is important. I've got 4GB of ram on that, and I've allocated 1.5GB to mysql, and 512 to each of the other VMs. I get decent performance. YMMV

    You can get a great box (dual core) with 4GB RAM for cheap now-a-days. You shouldn't need much more than that if you aren't pushing the virtual boxes that much.


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