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Buy a windows game, get the Linux edition for free

perrabyte Posts: 20

Initially I was looking for a way to reduce the effect of piracy by another way of thinking about selling games. I see online gaming much like the board games one used to play with friends and family. Now they wouldn't sell at all if everyone had to pay x dollars per player. The same should affect online gaming. The idea is that one of you buy a game and in the price is included x number of friends. You essentially buy a multilicens.

Now to get more commercial games to Linux you could promote such an idea of multiple licensing among platforms. Hence getting the Linux edition for no extra cost when you buy a windows game. Adding more value and a more fun experience.

What do you think of this idea?


  • a55h4t
    a55h4t Posts: 2
    As a gamer I really like this idea. I play a few games that I have purchased through the Steam platform and the great thing about Steam is you can only be logged into your Steam account once, which helps cut down on piracy, but I can have my game on multiple computers. If I could have my game both on my Windows box and my Linux box but only be logged into one at a time would be great.

    From a business stand point the question is are there enough positives to override the negatives of producing games for Linux? Not being in the industry I can't answer that question.


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