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Playing Myst in Linux

darkixion Posts: 41

Does anyone know of a way to get Myst running in Linux?


  • darkixion
    darkixion Posts: 41
    Thanks, although that's for Myst IV. But I have looked around that area of the site and noticed that Myst Masterpiece Edition appears to work. Last time I tried my copy of Myst on Wine, it didn't work at all, so maybe I need to get hold of a copy of that other edition.
  • altNull
    Ironically, I got the DVD box set of Myst 1-3 and it would not run in Windows XP (even though its supported), so I to my VirtualBox and added a Win95 machine. It worked but i wanted to play full screen, so I played with the graphics of 90s for ever until i finally gave up. Then I finally got it working with the Wine with the tutorial that was posted. I had to create an ISO of the dvd on the computer and then point wine to it. Worked sweet.

    Of course my friends and family didn't see me for a few days. When they asked "WHY?" I was like "MYST!" I just don't get people that don't like Myst. Its like not liking portal.
  • Liverbones
    Are you just trying to play the original Myst? If you are, I don't see the point of installing a virtual machine or anything of the sort; it runs perfectly well in DOSbox (I should know, I've set it up a few times). The only thing to keep in mind when running it from DOSbox is that it requires the CD in the drive to play, which DOSbox won't automatically pick up. Basically all I did was edit .dosboxrc to automatically mount my games directory (~/Games) as C: and mount my DVD drive on startup.

    When DOSbox is installed, you should probably check to see if your arrow keys work in it. I know some versions of Ubuntu changed something involving the keymapping which causes DOSbox to map the arrow keys incorrectly (only the arrow keys, fortunately). If your arrow keys don't work, just open up a text editor and create the file .dosboxrc (no file extension) in your home folder. Add the following lines:
    @mount c ~/Games
    @mount d /media/cdrom -t cdrom

    Now the keyboard should work just fine, your C:\ drive is mounted to the Games directory in your home, and the CD drive is mounted as well. You should be able to install and run Myst just fine this way without having to start up a virtual machine to play it.
  • altNull
    I have the collector's edition that comes on a DvD and requires me to install a few 3rd party apps (I think Quick Time). I'll try it, but my experience says it wont work.


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