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Paper and book manager ?


I'm trying to find something similliar to Papers in Mac OS X. I have try referencer, bibus, jabref and tellico. Referencer is fail in integrating file manager. Bibus is successful in using database to address massive digital material, but when import bibtex, the check of author name is confused, and bibus only use enironment variables to indicate the directory. More the file is opened through

www-browser, much inconvinient. Jabref is a good bibtex file manager, but run slow in java and can't burden much more.

Tellico seems object to a living manager rather than a scholar one.

Considering there are many users related to scentific work, maybe we can do something better in improve users' experience.

I just want a digital material manager, it use a databse manager bibtex file and associated file within the software. It seems in linux most software try to not name and manager the files, contrast to the way in Mac OS X, like iTunes. This can't be explained in filesystem stability.


  • proopnarine
    Well, since I'm not a Mac user, and probably many/most of the readers here are not, maybe you could be helpful by explaining what Papers does for you. I have several very large BibTeX databases, and I manage them all with Kbibtex. It's reasonably fast, handles large collections well, and even links automatically to a number of online citation databases for easy searching and downloading.
  • san2003
    san2003 Posts: 1
    have you tried mendeley-desktop ?
    I found it really good.


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