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What is I/O Error?

vrvr Posts: 1

I am using ubuntu 9.04 now. I just installed BitDefender and scanned the system. It shows that no virus but many I/O Errors. What are they? How to fix them?

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  • vtel57vtel57 Posts: 164
    I/O = input/output

    As far as why you're receiving these errors... you'll probably have to go to BitDefender's site for specific answers about how their app works. Sorry. :(
  • abrenarabrenar Posts: 117
    Where does you run or install the bit defender, because if you install it under your normal user and not in root, all files that are not accessible by your normal user, will be counted as an i/o error.

    hope it helps
  • vtel57vtel57 Posts: 164
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  • woboylewoboyle Posts: 501
    My guess is that you ran the scanner as a normal user, but asked it to scan the entire system. There are a number of directories and files that are not readable by non-root users, so they would likely give you an i/o error when bitdefender tries to read them.
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