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Good Day Lets Discuss here our day to day task in our work, from configuring, back up, restoring, maintaining our Linux/Unix servers and desktop.

Ahemm ! ! me i am a Unix/linux System Administrator here in the philippines, my Company is the top bank here in my country, my task is configuring new servers under AIX, Solaris 10, and Debian Lenny servers that are running in rack type servers, AIX in IBM p series and solaris in different variations of its servers like m9000, i am also responsible for backing up important log files that the system is generating for time to time, solving some problems like intermittent connections in our web servers, slowing down of our web applications and databases.

So you What do you do? Share it here so we know what different Jobs in different countries/Companies are doing and capable of, i am planning to work abroad but i know that i need more time and experience to adapt in a new environment but same Systems.



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