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SVN with Nautilus integration

Does anyone know of a decent SVN client for Gnome with Nautilus integration? Tortoise SVN works very well but is Windows only and I can't find anything like that.


  • pedromcpedromc Posts: 4
    The only thing I know about SVN integration in nautilus is if you use nautilus scripts for that.

    There are several scripts ready to use.

    you can get them here

    For ubuntu you have in the repos
    sudo apt-get nautilus-svn-scripts

    Hope it helps
  • darkixiondarkixion Posts: 41
    pedromc wrote:

    For ubuntu you have in the repos
    sudo apt-get nautilus-svn-scripts

    Hope it helps

    I've got that installed, but it didn't seem to show anything on the contextual menus, even after logging out then in again. :(
  • pedromcpedromc Posts: 4
    I don't really know what is wrong with the package but try this:

    download the scripts from the link I gave you here

    place the contents of the package in the folder ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts

    No need to log out, everything should work from the moment you put the files in the folder.
  • darkixiondarkixion Posts: 41
    Yep, that worked, and I now have a set of options available to me. Unfortunately, if I select Add on a file, it presents a big empty box with no content in and a Close button at the bottom. I can't type in the box either. I have Zenity installed, which is what it is dependent on, but still no joy :(
  • pedromcpedromc Posts: 4
    I was just testing what you said and I had the same problem.

    I am going to guess that you sometimes use Eclipse with SVN.

    If so there is one little problem. SVN's version in Eclipse is more recent than the one in the shell. Making the shell commands non working. There is a little script that changes the version.

    I also use Eclipse with SVN. After reverting my shell SVN's version the script worked.

    Another little problem. If you use Eclipse again the version will change and scripts won't work.

    If you want try this

    download this, and then place it in your working copy base folder. Then run:
    chmod a+x change-svn-wc-format.py
    ./change-svn-wc-format.py . 1.5

    After this the nautilus scripts should be working.

    Any other problem tell me.
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