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Games which are Linux-only

darkixion Posts: 41

Does anyone know if there happen to be any games which are only for the Linux platform?


  • mlangdn
    mlangdn Posts: 13
    Try a google search for Linux Games. There are lots of 'em out there, but not knowing your preference for type of games, is too broad to answer.

    I like Sauerbraten, which is an FPS.
    Battle for Wesnoth also comes to mind quickly.
  • darkixion
    darkixion Posts: 41
    Ah yes, of course. I've played Sauerbraten. Are there any commercial games?
  • Gossamer
    Gossamer Posts: 20
    Nexuiz has always been my favorite, and there are a few commercial games.

    Vendetta is very similar to EVE Online, I think the rate is about the same as well and it has a native Linux client.

    The same goes for Enemy Territory Quake Wars, it has a native Linux client, I think it retails for $40.
  • NicolaShaw
    ya i will go on google site and search the linux all game features
    thanks for giving for this information.
  • shelner
    Yes, use google. By the way good games for linux are America's Army, Racer, FlightGear etc... ;)
  • sam.albuquerque
    Penumbra is a nice commercial Game too. They have it as Linux Version. There was news that the game will be going opensource soon.

    Bought the Collection Pack a year back and have started playing recently.


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