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Ubuntu Lag?

mabus627 Posts: 3

Ok, I just recently installed Ubuntu after having troubles getting Linux Mint to install and resizing my partitions. I am running Ubuntu right now and when loading pages it acts like my grand mother's extremely old mac, which when loading websites, has to reload every time you try to move up, down. or side-to-side on the page.

Now, my laptop laptop is fairly fast and runs Vista well.

My system has 2gb of Ram and a 2ghz processor and, as afore mentioned, it is running slowly and is very laggy.

My question is why is it lagging so badly?


  • vtel57
    vtel57 Posts: 164
    That actually sounds like a video driver issue. I've seen this before on my own systems. Do you have an Nvidia video card? If so, you'll need to install the Nvidia drivers so that Ubuntu will be able to render your graphics properly.

    The drivers for Nvidia are most likely in the Ubuntu repos, so you can search for and install them from synaptic. However, if they're not there, you can also install directly from the driver installation script available for Linux operatings systems from Nvidia's site.

    Keep us posted...

    P.S. Sorry you couldn't get Linux Mint working. It's a nice distro. :(


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