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Why do you love Debian?

Gossamer Posts: 20

Debian's my OS because It's solid as a rock and never ever cracks. I know Ubuntu might be easier and tons of OS's have repositories that are a little better maintained.

....Nexuiz is still using the Quake mod in Debian... -_-;;;

BUT! I can get around that. I like knowing my OS is harder than Arnold's Schwarzenegger's chest.


  • nulld0g
    nulld0g Posts: 3
    Free, safe, quick.
  • vtel57
    vtel57 Posts: 164
    Look in my sig. :)
  • lakshmipathi
    It's rock solid and stable :cheer:
  • abrenar
    abrenar Posts: 117
    because it is the mother of my Wife Ubuntu.

  • temmu
    temmu Posts: 11
    it's stable unless you allow kernel updates and that craps-out your wireless.
    but nothing that a good deal of searching the internet and advice from good ppl at another forum couldn't fix.
    after a couple of days. :P

    not to mention the learning curve on the way in with wireless. :P
    thank goodness for wicd.

    however, with so much invested in it, i've grown fond of it, and hence it stays on the laptop. ;):)
  • masinick
    masinick Posts: 20
    Debian contains the core packaging and software for a choice of a rock stable and secure OS - great for a server (Debian Stable, currently Lenny), a great testing distribution that has already been through Debian Sid, and is thus a very stable desktop system, or the cutting edge, Debian Sid.

    From these three core packaging trees, you can either run plain Debian or you can use any one of a great number of systems that have been derived from Debian. For me personally, SimplyMEPIS is an excellent system derived from Debian Stable, and I keep it around so I always have a stable desktop system on hand. Then I also grab another MEPIS offshoot, antiX, which provides me with a Debian Testing distro (but antiX can be used with Stable, Testing, or Sid). Finally, I have a Debian Sid desktop system that is tamed called sidux, which I think is the most usable cutting edge system around.

    Of course, I keep at least one or two REAL Debian systems around that are not derivatives, but are the real thing. I have a Debian Lenny system on two of my laptops right now as well, plus lots of other Debian derivatives.
  • masinick
    masinick Posts: 20
    Naturally, I use Debian and all these derivatives because they just work, and they work exceedingly well.

    Oh yes, the aspect of a rolling upgrade with Debian Sid derivatives is a compelling feature too!
  • geophoenix
    i have tried the most famous distributions Gentoo 2007.0-2008.0|ubuntu 6.* - 9.04 | fedora 9- 10 | opensuse 10-11| and some other distros.

    But the distribution that i only tried once and never again remove it from my desktop was and is Debian GNU/Linux ..
    Gnu powered
    tons of software
    no everyday updates for bugs and fixes
    and it simple Works
  • masinick
    masinick Posts: 20
    geophoenix wrote:
    But the distribution that i only tried once and never again remove it from my desktop was and is Debian GNU/Linux ..

    I think you cornered many of the reasons why Debian lovers take it and stick with it. Once you install it, you really never need to install it again, simply upgrade it, add and remove software as needed. You cited a great number of the other reasons that people stick with it. In spite of the reputation otherwise, it is extremely easy to manage and it works.

    Debian Stable makes an outstanding server platform. But it can be used for a lot more than just a server. Desktop users often opt for Debian Testing or Debian Sid because you can get newer software, but then you get a somewhat more volatile environment.

    I use a Debian Sid based distribution that greatly helps me manage that volatility, which results in allowing me to have a cutting edge desktop, laptop, or portable system that also "just works". The distribution that I use is called sidux - and they recently added a group here, so if you poke around, you can find out more about sidux - or look at sidux.com.
  • Gossamer
    Gossamer Posts: 20
    masinick wrote:
    Naturally, I use Debian and all these derivatives because they just work, and they work exceedingly well.

    Oh yes, the aspect of a rolling upgrade with Debian Sid derivatives is a compelling feature too!

    Same with testing; I'm not masochistic enough for Sid, lol.
    I love rolling releases.
  • lostson
    lostson Posts: 3
    Stability, simplicity and just plain addictive !

    So many deriviatives of Debian just prove how good it really ism plus I can run it on my refrigerator if i want.
  • RGLima
    RGLima Posts: 1
    O Debian é, de fato, um sistema operacional. Completo, fácil e super maneiro de usar.

    De fácil instalação - quando a fazemos pela 'instalação gráfica automática', já particiona o disco virtual certinho, põe tudo no devido lugar, acessa a internet super bem, diretão :)

    Uma dúvida: na minha instalação doméstica de ontem, o comando sudo visudo (pra editar meu nome nele como sudoer) não funcionou...
    por que ser√°?

    Estou encantada com o Debian, mas fiquei bolada com isso... será que preciso mesmo do 'sudo' em instalação doméstica, sem proxy, pra instalar o que eu baixar da internet?

    Vlw, abrowsers! ;)
  • ben
    ben Posts: 134
    Rock solid, damn easy to setup. If you just need few apps and no fancy strings (server) you'll have something good. Easy upgrade process will do the rest
  • mikaeljacobsson
    Really easy and stable distro that allows me to do what i want to do. Been around for a long time...

    For example... I only needed to add 4 lines in interfaces to get my wireless up and running...

    And its GNU and not just "Linux" :P
  • jvarkas
    jvarkas Posts: 3
    Debian is a synonym for stability! I like it because i don't worry about freeze or problem appearance after an update (which happens in other distros...), has many-many applications to choose and work with for all interesting categories and respects freedom:)
    Although is perfect for a production environment for several kind of servers, Debian handles very well the desktop environment situation. I think it's more friendly than some users think. And of course don't forget that if it weren't for Debian, many distros would not exist...
  • syntaxerror
    I'm able to install a working development environment on an offline pc, just using the distribution disks (everything was cool with etch... well, until the eclipse package for Lenny failed ... hope that gets fixed soon), still downloading a few deb packages / tarballs elsewhere, doesn't hurt.

    And god bless backports to keep things more current.
  • amnesia
    amnesia Posts: 60
    lol, damn comparing an os to his chest? it's probably soft and soggy by now :P
  • shelner
    nulld0g wrote:
    Free, safe, quick.
    Right, but I'm using modern linux distributions. I used debian but he has long booting and it's disadvantage.
  • JonasJH
    Well... Debian is my Favorite Linux Dist. Why?

    Becouse it's very stable. IT DOES not have GUI options for everything wichs i personaly love, gotta do more by urself ;)
    However Debian is more newcommer-friendly now then it was back at 'sarge' oh well.
  • drummerwannabee
    Haven't used it a whole lot yet, as I am new to Debian, and Linux in general, but I like how everything appears to be right there at my finger tips if I want to manipulate things. It seemed like in Ubuntu and Fedora, I had to go through just one or two more steps to manipulate things the way I wanted them to be.

    Call me a control freak i guess :P I like to be able to have complete control over my system...

    Maybe that's because I have almost no control over my life ;)
  • kunal
    kunal Posts: 2
    Stable + Huge repository :)
  • nanodiamond
    Everything is there. Want stability? It is there. Want "bleeding edge?" It is there.
    The repositories are legendary.
    The support is phenomenal. sidux_debian_logo.png
  • bigbearomaha
    I must admit to being a Debian fan. I prefer Debian for my personal servers and for businesses i am providing services for. It has the largest selection of stable software available. If you avoid tweaking the system all the time, no other distro can match for stability and persistent usage.
  • lxsameer
    lxsameer Posts: 1
    Its stable, debian have integrity and a great community


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