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You won't get Guru Points for posting here, but you will gain something more important. You'll gain points with your fellow Linux.com community members.

Share some of you knowledge and insight with others in the community. Tricks, tweaks, favorite command line secrets... whatever. It's all of value to the community.

When you were learning GNU/Linux, I'm sure some forum/IRC/USENET community somewhere helped you to learn the ins/outs of this system. Now it's your chance to give something back.

Post. Post. Post.

And for you new Linux Adventurers who have stumbled upon Linux.com, ask away. We're here to help you make your GNU/Linux experiences all that they can be.




  • ajun
    ajun Posts: 25
    Share some of you knowledge and insight with others in the community.
    =>Good, Just Open Souce minds.:)
  • vtel57
    vtel57 Posts: 164
    Exactly! :laugh:
  • Gossamer
    Gossamer Posts: 20
    I've been to my share of forums; I've even been on a few with over 1,000 to 5,000 posts in each and I've seen my share of ups and downs.

    I'd like to see this forum go far; it is the official forum for::


    I mean, how direct is that?

    Well; I've got a suggestion

    This site would do pretty well to add itself a General/Open Discussion Forum

    That way we wouldn't all be completely limited to talking about one subject 24/7. Not even Linus likes this OS that much. :laugh:


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