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Jaunty Error Discussion !!!

abrenar Posts: 117

New Ubuntu Jaunty, lets discuss Encountered errors in jaunty.

to help each other and the develpoers to fix our beloved Ubuntu ^__^


  • abrenar
    abrenar Posts: 117
    Why is that there is no notification in jaunty?

    Specifically the updates notification ! !

    few days i dont have been notified by my system to update but when i run apt-get upgrade i do have some files needed to upgraded, it is usually notified when there are upgradable files in the system but in jaunty why there is no such ??

  • LegacyUser
    LegacyUser Posts: 0
    The only major trouble with Jaunty that I have had so far has been when trying to use wireless networking with KDE. For some reason, there is trouble with the wireless manager accessing the KDE Wallet, and it seems that with secured networks, I can never connect, even after giving it the passkey. However, I do not encounter this error in either GNOME or XMonad. Therefore, I will generally use XMonad on Ubuntu.


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