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[SOLVED] Nvidia Preserve external monitor settings

undoIT Posts: 11

I recently installed Kubuntu 9.04 + Nvidia driver 180.44 on my Dell Latitude E6400 (1440x900) with NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M. I have the G2410 1920x1080 external monitor. The monitor is connected via VGA. I am very pleased to have the monitor running at full resolution. However, the settings don't stay intact after rebooting.

If I have the monitor connected and turn on the the laptop, only the laptop screen is active. Then, I press Fn + F8 twice to switch to the external monitor which is always reset to 1440x900. After logging in I open Nvidia settings and switch the external monitor resolution to auto. There is a warning about Meta modes and I do auto fix. Then compositing is disabled, so I open system settings, turn off then turn back on desktop effect. Also, if I want to switch back to the laptop display, it stays stuck at 1920x1080 on the laptop.

Is there any way to set this up so it is automatically detected when the external monitor is plugged in and runs at the correct resolution? With my old M1330 and Intel X3100 graphics card, it would do this and was very convenient switching back and forth between the laptop display and external monitor.


  • after you adjust the nividia settings press (save to X Configuration file) before quieting.
  • undoIT
    undoIT Posts: 11
    When I press Save to X Configuration File, I get the following error:
    Unable to create new X config backup file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'.

    and the settings aren't saved. So, I tried copying the configuration file from the preview option and manually pasted it into the xorg.conf file with sudo. After reboot, I got a TTY screen instead of the login and had to restore the backup xorg.conf.
  • ZogG
    ZogG Posts: 2
    paste xorg.conf and preview
  • undoIT
    undoIT Posts: 11
    Actually, what I did to fix this was run nvidia settings as root
    sudo nvidia-settings

    Then, I got things adjust as I wanted and hit the Save to X Configuration File button (which will work when running as root). After reboot, it is working flawlessly. If the external monitor is connected, it switches to the external with correct resolution. If not, it goes to the laptop monitor.

    Even better, I just got a Displayport to DVI adapter today. This works very well, the external monitor is much sharper and the colors are richer with digital. I was amazed that the Displayport is working in Kubuntu.

    Extremely pleased! :woohoo:


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