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FOSS for Education in San Francisco.



I will be attending a meeting of education technologists in San Francisco as part of my efforts to move the San Francisco Unified School District to Free Open Source Software. Please ping me at einfeldt at gmail dot com if you would like to attend the meeting. I have not posted the time and place in case non-Free software reps are on this site. Let them find out about it themselves.

There is an active FOSS movement in San Francisco to get FOSS into schools. Please ping me if you are interested in joining our efforts.


  • fidesratioque
    Good luck. I really hope it works out.

    I love OpenOffice.org and totally detest the sleazy way that Microsoft tries to shut down competing document formats.

    There is a better way than spending $150 for a word processing program that doesn't even work well, and I hope you're able to persuade San Francisco to finally realize that!


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