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Codeweavers and STEAM: Anyone using it?

mugzilla Posts: 4

When I made the jump to 9.04 from vista, I sort of gave up playing my STEAM games. I miss TF2 and CS:S!

Multiple google searches (And one failed attempt on my part) showed me that Wine does not run the Steam app well.

Anyone using www.codeweavers.com "emulator"? Opinions? If it DOES work as well as steam running on XP, I would grudgingly pay for it. (Not grudgingly because I am a cheap b@stard, but because I am used to not paying for anything OS-wise!)


  • Skripka
    Skripka Posts: 6
    Try it (Wine) before you write it off.

    Back when I used Hardy and Ibex, Steam and client-games ran fine
    provided you have an Nvidia card. If you have an ATi card, good luck-the best I ever got was running Steam games in DirectX7 mode with fglrx drivers of the time.

    Steam usually takes some tinkering to get it to work....I remember when HL2 came out and how hard it was to get HL2 to run under Windows with an ATi card-it took a great deal of troubleshooting and experimenting.
  • zo0o0ot
    zo0o0ot Posts: 5
    I know that I have installed steam and Team Fortress 2 with wine in the past. I recently bought the Orange Box via Steam, but haven't had the free time to install and test the games recently.

    I would heartily suggest reading the Steam, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source with Wine HOWTO, which is located at linux-gamers.net.


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