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  • abrenar
    abrenar Posts: 117
    thats nice technique of migrating them, applications first before the whole the system. nice idea dark_ixion
  • masinick
    masinick Posts: 20
    Using applications that can be used across multiple platforms can be a good thing, not only for beginners and potential converts, it can also be a useful usability factor for anyone.

    When I'm at work, if I have the opportunity to install free software on my laptop, such as Firefox, Open Office, GNU Emacs, and so forth, I do so. At a recent job the use of Firefox was fairly prevalent, but it was discovered that a lot of people did not keep up, getting the latest and newest versions, and there were security issues with old versions, so the company decided to "push" new versions out to their clients with an update mechanism that would also update when Firefox updates became available.

    The one problem with installing any version of software, free or proprietary, is to manage it so it remains safe and secure. The novice, unfortunately, does not understand any of this, so they need the help of their friends or they end up having to pay for a computer "clean up" or a new computer system.
  • abrenar
    abrenar Posts: 117
    Here in our company we are using free softwares like firefox, thunderbird, debian OS for servers, jxplorer for mail admins, postgres database, tomcat for web applications that is pretty good in performance and less cost because its free. im happy belonging to a company that is supporting open source softwares.


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