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Opening mp3 with GNOME file browser fails

pacman Posts: 2

Running Ubuntu 8.10

When I double click an mp3 in GNOME it loads Rhythmbox but doesn't open the file. If I double click it again in the file browser it loads it into Rhythmbox that is already open. So to play any mp3's I have to double click them twice to play. I couldn't figure out what causes it. Any ideas?


  • dpj23
    dpj23 Posts: 2
    In Ubuntu you can set preferred applications...

    To do so; System->Preferences->Preferred Applications.

    Select the multimedia tab or enter the command towards the bottom of the dialog box...
  • pacman
    pacman Posts: 2
    I have Rhythmbox selected. That's why I'm puzzled....
  • I have the same issue, it might just be something with Rythmbox with new files that aren't in the playlist.


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