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How installing Maya 2008 on Linux?


Hello, all!

I'm a web developer and learing Java,Jsp and etc.

I'll install Maya 2008(version of Linux) on CentOS 5 soon.

But I want to know some tips that how to optimizing the Linux system with Maya 2008,Shake and Nvidia VGA driver.


PC System.

1.CPU : Intel Core Duo 2.6(?)

2. More than 1GB Ram

3. Nvidia 7200 and GeForce Ti4200

is it enough? :P


  • abrenar
    abrenar Posts: 117
    I am not familiar with CentOS disro. but you can try to download wine and install maya 2008.

    in ubuntu to install maya 2008 is just apt-get install wine.

    try to google how to install it to your box.
    good luck
  • koreantramp
    What's the Wine application?

    Between Shake and WIne are the same in function?

    I'll install Maya2008 and Shake on the machine...

  • auns
    auns Posts: 1
    The wine application is a package for linux which allows you to run some windows programs on linux, as a last resort.


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