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Has anyone tried it? It's a Steam-like game manager for Linux, and you can install loads of games on it that you won't find in your package manager.

It also does a bit of dependency resolving, and is distro independent.

Link: http://en.djl-linux.org/


  • DrakeMagi
    DrakeMagi Posts: 43
    Seem interesting . What the pros and cons on it ?
    and what about www.cnr.com .
    Does anyone no the pro and cons on this one too ?

    Just curious how they would run on Slitz and/or Antix .
  • TheAncientGoat
    Well, the major advantage is that DJL is Gaming specific, and fully distro independant, while CNR/every other package manager only works on a couple of distro's if even that..

    Djl also allows you to suggest your own games, ask for help on the built in irc client, organize games by genre, read linux game news with the feed reader, customize it with plugins such as server browsers and game website reading..


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