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Wanting to switch to Linux

mvoinescu Posts: 1
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Hi there.

After being a Windows user for most of my entire life, starting with a PC that was using Windows 95 I think in 97-98 I guess I felt used to how it looked and what to expect with my computer. I guess that is half a lie taking in consideration that in 97 I was only 6 years old, so the things I was interested about was to play games, was not knowing much about computers. But since 98 when I started reinstalling it a couple of times and since XP I started to get more in dept with the OS.

But recently Windows10 started to cringe my nerves with the latest Fall Update and their "amazing" support. Also doing some further thinking into this, there is not much still keeping me on Windows. I guess some games and the capability of streaming my Xbox on the laptop, but not having that much time to play either way so.

Now stopping with the rambling what I would like to get some tips so to say about setting my Linux as a developer environment. The distro I set my eyes on is Arch and mainly Archmerge for the beginning so it makes my learning curve a bit easier and later on learn how to set up an Arch from scratch (I'm actually following a guide on how to install Arch so I can learn and do it myself) or Red Hat. But what I have seen doing some digging is that Red Hat due to keeping their OS secure they might have a bit out of date packages. That is actually when I saw Arch and the rolling release part. To be honest I have ArchMerge on a virtual machine for a few weeks and Manjaro on another one for one month and did not see any issues with them. I know there might be a bug that might come later, but I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty.


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