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Create secure, cross-distro and easy way to distribute software on CDs

Sławomir Lach
Sławomir Lach Posts: 27
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This topic would be assembly forum for ideas about software distribution on CDs for GNU/Linux.

In my opinion, we need make it easy, cross-distribution and secure. We should use already existing technologies as most as possible.

First of all, we need way to run program on CD, when user insert CD and allow to start program from that CD. We should re-use Windows autorun file format. How make it secure? In my opinion, GNU/Linux autorun should point to web page, but located on CD. Web browsers are very secure, so we need modify some web browsers (for example Firefox and Chromium) to:
- Allow to set Window size by script
- Don't contains url bar and toolbar
- Support special link to install application from Web or from CD
- Support to run flatpak applications

Another item to use is flatpak and flatpak bundle. Link in browser to install an application should point to flatpak bundle.

Link to run flatpak applications should points to application installed from this CD. It don't have to be an default application for container assigned to this CD, but can be (for example) configuration application. I propose to sign CD content and flatpak container.

Have you any other ideas?


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