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tproxy implemntation on squid for the first time

Herzel.Sapago Posts: 1
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my name is Herzel and I am trying to configure tproxy on squid to display the ip address I am using the internet and not the ip address of the squid server.

I did read the wiki from the squid website and acted upon.

the environment I am using is test and i will need to deploy it into production when test will work and all the subject will be clear to me.

so the server is ubuntu 14.04.

squid was compiled with netfilter prefix.

the kernel is new and seems to have built in support in the tproxy. iptables rules where created as the wiki request.

route option had been applied and the sysctl was configured as requested by the wiki.

the client is windows 7 vmware vm and also the server is vmware vm with 2 ethernet adapters.

one of  the interfaces connect the windows 7 and one having ip from the built in dhcp server at the router and it is the internet interface.

the server and the client both behind router and all have private ip.

till now the setup.

the problem is when I try to surf with this configuration I get time out.

at the wiki it says it is routing problem.

but digging the logs i do not understand where is my mistake.

can I use this configuration? Let's say can I send ip like to be discovered at internet?

is this configuration is legal?

do not I need public ip on all the interfaces?

if not what is wrong.

I will be happy to supply any log or conf file.

please try to help me.


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