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How to make my computer do a dual boot

PoohBear 1
PoohBear 1 Posts: 1
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Hey Guys, so this is my current system configuration. I know about 40% about computers, but I don't know which option to chose in order for my computer to ask me if I want to use Windows or Linux to boot from?

I have already downloaded the software onto my USB, created my file and have installed it, and is ready to go, I have installed it into about 100GB of my 1TB I have on this. 

This is my configuration, can someone find it in their heart to help me, when I use my USB with the Linux software in it, that's the only time it will ask me if I want to install Linux or try it without installing it, but I already have. 

Thank you, 


Sorry, the site won't let me upload a picture, but I have what is called and UEFI Boot Order




  • ShawnCole50
    ShawnCole50 Posts: 2
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    Where did you install the GRUB?

  • dday35216
    dday35216 Posts: 71
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    Run grub from a terminal window while you are in Linux. Use "man grub" and "man grub-update" to see your options. Running grub will find all of the OS's on your system and create a boot menu that will display when you boot your machine. 


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