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Solution 13.1 doesn't work

fliker09 Posts: 39
edited October 2017 in LFS211 Class Forum

Shared directory is created in /srv, which is owned by root, meaning that /srv/exports will also be owned by root upon creation. Considering that root_squash option is default, at least for Ubuntu 16.04, touch /mnt/foo will fail for both regular and super users. There are 2 solutions:

 - chmod o+w /srv/exports

 - no_root_squash option (not desirable)


  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380
    edited October 2017

    Thank you for your input, this was noticed and has been fixed. The export directory had been moved to /home/export and the permissions are now set up for sharing through an additional group association.

    The changes to the lab create a new group with the gid set to 42000, this has to be the same on the client and server. Change the group ownership  of the /home/export/ directory so the group share is added via the SGID on the directory. Now any user in the share group will be able to write to the directory. 

    Thank you for highlighting this.  



  • fliker09
    fliker09 Posts: 39
    edited October 2017

    When usually these updates propagate to the labs?


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