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chaper4 production installation?

saiyen2002 Posts: 1
edited August 2017 in LFS258 Class Forum

I am interested in this course but have not signed up to it yet.

One thing stopping me is the Chapter 4 Installation and Configuration.

Does this chapter involve production grade setup?

Kubeadm is I believe still in Beta, and right now doesn't support HA.

and minikube is for local testing.




  • sebgoa
    sebgoa Posts: 23
    edited August 2017

    Hi, thanks for your interest. Short answer is no. The main goal of the course is to learn the main concepts of kubernetes: what makes a k8 cluster and what the API looks like. For installation, we cover kubeadm , show gcloud for an example of a cloud service and then use minikube. Minikube allows everyone to get started quickly.

    Definitely minikube is for local testing.

    There are lots of tools used to deploy k8s in production and the setup will vary depending on what you define as "production". kops, kubespray etc are all tools that you can use for installation but I feel it is not practical to cover all these tools in the course.

    kubeadm is starting to have HA though.


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