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LAB_9.4: incorrect ldif-files (from archive with solutions)

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I would like to report of some mistake in LFS216 self-paced course lab 9.4.

It seems that solution files for this lab are not correct (I mean groups.ldif and users.ldif):

  1. In groups.ldif instead of "ou=Group" should be "ou=Groups" (3 occurrences);
  2. In users.ldif instead of "ou=People" should be "ou=Users" (20 occurrences).

Without this changes it is impossible to complete step 3 and 5 in the list.

I think this problems arose because of the turnkey-openldap virtual machine update (maybe the default LDAP sheme changed). Check it, please.

I like this course, but it have some little problems in labs (see this topic too - https://www.linux.com/forums/lfs216-class-forum/application-security-labs, I confirm this problem too). Hope I'll help to get this course better.


  • lee42x
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    edited July 2017

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I will check into it promptly. 

  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380
    edited July 2017

    Hi, I was was courious about the files some thins seems off. The two ldif files are below, please use them. I will followup with the education delivery folks to correct this. 

    Thanks for brining this to our attention.

    [lee@T430A s_09]$ cat users.ldif 

    dn: cn=luser1,dc=example,dc=com

    uid: luser1

    cn: luser1

    givenName: luser1

    sn: linux

    homeDirectory: /home/users/luser1

    objectClass: inetOrgPerson

    objectClass: posixAccount

    objectClass: top

    uidNumber: 999001

    gidNumber: 999001

    userPassword: {SSHA}RKuupVRzyJ8DZI+QT8qulVk7RFnwXTf2

    [lee@T430A s_09]$ cat groups.ldif 

    dn: cn=luser1,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com 

    cn: luser1

    objectclass: posixGroup

    objectclass: top

    gidNumber: 999001

    memberuid: luser1

    [lee@T430A s_09]$ 


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