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MiniKube Installation

Robson Esteves
Robson Esteves Posts: 20
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I have a doubt: is it possible (and how) install Minikube in a bare metal fashion, whitout using the VM approach? 

The proposed approach in the Lab requires a virtual machine implementation. 

I'd like to install directly in a Linux Host. Is it possible? How?





  • amatellini
    amatellini Posts: 15
    edited July 2017

    Hi Robson, using Minikube you create a virtual machine hosting a Kubernete cluster. You can use Linux, Windows or Mac as host operating system. You need Virtualbox for create the vm, the you need kubectl to query the cluster from your host operating system.

    For extra information you can refere to https://github.com/kubernetes/minikube.



  • saqman2060
    saqman2060 Posts: 777
    edited July 2017

    After reading some documentations, the above comment is accurate. Minikube is a tool used to run a single-node kubernetes cluster on a VM. It gives you the option to test kubernetes on a VM rather then a baremetal machine.

    However, the kubernetes package can be installed on a baremetal machine. Have a look at this site as well, https://kubernetes.io/docs/home/

  • sebgoa
    sebgoa Posts: 23
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    Hi Minikube uses an "hypervisor" to run a local virtual machine. Within that virtual machine runs a process called 'localkube', which is an all-in-one binary that runs all kubernetes components. This is meant for convenience and local development/testing. Minikube supports virtualbox, KVM, Fusion and HyperV.

    Running minikube *without* a VM is not possible. 

    And you local server you could just install virtualbox. It would be the easiest way.

    Otherwise, if you really don't want to run a VM, you can install Kubernetes on a single node using `kubeadm`, but you will need to install docker on your machine.







  • Robson Esteves
    Robson Esteves Posts: 20
    edited September 2017

    Thanks all for valueble feedbacks!




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