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Hi All,

I am a java yechnical architect having 12+ yrs of exp.

My understanding is that cloud foundry has multiple go router instances under company hardware loadbalancer like F5? Are they exact replica of each others specifically routing tables or diifferent then what? if they are exact replica how they recompute routing tables? does each router periodically queries the BBS to determine new routing tables?


Amit K Gupta



  • amatellini
    amatellini Posts: 15
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    Hi Amit,

    my understanding is that in an HA scenario you have multiple Gorouter instances with a load balancer (hardware or software). When a Gorouter start it emits a router.start message. Route-Emitters (Diego component) listen for this message and when they receive it, they send the routing table to the new Gorouter. The routes must be update by default every two minutes.

    If you are interested in the Cloud Foundry internals, I suggest you the book "Cloud Foundry: The Definitive Guide" by Duncan C. E. Winn.



  • amitamit281
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    Thanks Amatellini


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