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Welcome to LFS261 - DevOps Fundamentals: Implementing Continuous Delivery. You can use this forum to ask course-related questions, provide feedback, share resources, and interact with your peers taking the course. We hope you will have a great learning experience!


  • hello2sharad

    Hello Everyone,

    I have started the course recently. Before I registered the course I thought there would be lab whose access will be provided but looking at Chapter 2 - Lab setup ...it looks like the lab would be setup in my local windows environment. If yes - I was following the instruction provided in the pdf. 

    I have installed oracle virtual box on windows 7. I have installed vagrant 2.0.1. Could some one please confirm if so far I am doing correct.

    Error: Failed to connect to vagrantcloud.com port 443: Timed out


  • nkhare
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    Could please share the commands you ran ? 

    Do you have any proxy settings ? Is the issue re-producible from all the networks you connect ?



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