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Share course completion on Linkedin


Hi, after completing the course I shared my result on Linkedin.

So now on my profile I have a "Couse complete" activity with an image. If I click on the image/link a new web page open with this link https://lms.quickstart.com/lms/login.do, showing an HTTP Status 404.

Is not verry helpful. There is no detail on the course (what course do I completed?) and the link is not working.





  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,935
    edited June 2017

    We use SSO to log into all LF elearning courses, therefore  https://lms.quickstart.com/lms/login.do link will not work, as you never log directly into the LMS - you log into your LF portal, and launch the course from there. When you share something directly from the LMS, it most likely does not display things properly.

  • amatellini
    amatellini Posts: 15
    edited June 2017

    Ok, so I can remove the activity from Linkedin.

    Thanks Flavia.


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