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Lab 10.2

BattogtokhBattogtokh Posts: 19
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Hi Everyone,

I am little bit confused with what is the difference with and without trailing . (dot) in rsync command in the LAB 10.2. It said "Note the . at the end of the command", and it makes me wonder why "." is needed in the end of this command. I tried without "." and don't see any difference. Can you please advise? 




  • lee42xlee42x Posts: 312
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    The trailing dot in the rsync destionaton stops the automatic creation of output directories. This helps make the rsync  more specific as to where it will store files.  Consider: 

    $ rm -fr /tmp/LFT*

    $ rsync -avx  LFT  [email protected]:/tmp/LFT/ 

    One would probably expect to see the output as  /tmp/LFT/<files>  

    but the files will be in /tmp/LFT/LFT<files> 

    Not what I had in mind.

    If we use the trailing dot, which stops directory creation the top level directory we can see rsync is not creating the top level directory. 

    $ rm  -fr /tmp/LFT

    $ rsync   -avx FLT [email protected]:/tmp/LFT/.    #--> generates an error 

    $ mkdir /tmp/LFT 

    $ rsync -avx LFT [email protected]:/tmp/LFT/.    #--> the command works but still generates the extra directory

     Now by refining the input specification to copy only the files: 

    $ rm -fr /tmp/LFT

    $ mkdir /tmp/LFT 

    $ rsync -avx LFT/. [email protected]:/tmp/LFT/. 

    We get just the files from the original directory placed in the directory we created. This gives percise control where the files are placed. 



  • BattogtokhBattogtokh Posts: 19
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    Thank you very much. 

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