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Lab 2.1 - VirtualBox setup

jazztech Posts: 1
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The pdf for the lab says: "Please use the CentOS7 image for this class."

We are supposed to set up 2 VM's

I created Main.

But when I try to creater Second from the same vmdk it refuses, for good reason:  the UUID's are the same?

Isn't CentOS 7 supposed to be used for both?  How can it be?

Should I use Fedora25 for the other?

What am I missing?


  • lee42x
    lee42x Posts: 380
    edited May 2017

    Yes, if you copy the disk image the UUID's will be the same. There are two options, use the hypervisor's tools to change the UUID on one of the copies or use the hypervisor's "clone" option to create a dulpicate machine. The section "Solution 2.1" has URL's pointing to the cloning instructions for various hypervisors. 

    If you let us know the hypervisor you are using and if you want to clone or change the UUID I can help futher. 


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