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Multiple Linux Distro Installs

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I have been using Ubuntu (Dual Booted with Windows 10) for about a year and have never needed to use Windows (what a messy system compared to Linux). Unfortunately as this was my first venture into Linux my Laptop SSHD is a bit of a mess (general Windows filling it up, bad partition, etc). 

Therefore I have just purchased a new internal 2tb SSHD which I am going to install with the idea of having a few different Linux distro's installed. My thoughts currently are for Bodhi, Debian, Fedora and possibly Arch, of which each distro will have its own partition (a rough 500gb split per partition). The idea is for me to really learn the workings of various Linux distro's as I am looking at doing the LPCI-1 and further qualifications in time. Currently I am studying Java and Python so they will be used for this, along side all sorts of other varied usage. 

However, given that I have not attempted this before (other than dual booting with Windows - which was easy) , I am looking for any help or pointers to make sure I do not forget to do anything that I need to do, and also to not do anything I shouldn't. 

So hopefully there as some nice people on this forum with more experience than me to help make sure I do not make any stupid mistakes when looking to do the various installs. 

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    Someone with more knowledge may correct me, but you are limited to creating 3 primary partitions and 1 extended partitions on a harddrive. I ran into this issue when I was trying to install WIn 10 to boot with mulitple Linux distros. Windows creates 2 partitions on install, one of them being very small, so I could only create 2 additional partitions to install Linux distros on. Since you are dumping Windows completely, I would think that you could have a maximum of 4 distros bootable at once.



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