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Opening videos in full screen mode, shows only half the video.

phiney Posts: 18

It seems as though the player thinks i have a 3200x900 display instead of 1600x900.

I can't find anywhere to control this (if there is a settings button, bet you it is on the lower right side, which is the side i can't see).


Windows10 Creators update, chrome 57.0.2987.133


any thoughts ?



  • fcioanca
    fcioanca Posts: 1,770

    Hi Peter,

    Some browser versions do not support playing videos from the LMS in full-screen mode. The Chrome version you are using is one such version - I get the same behavior on Chrome as you encountered. On the other hand, I checked in Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari, and the full-screen mode was displayed properly, with no errors.

    I hope this helps.





  • phiney
    phiney Posts: 18
    edited April 2017

    But your Doco says to use chrome. :-(

    I prefer FF anyway, so i'll use that.



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