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how to integrate a linux mint 18.1 pc to a windows domain?

Juan_Carlos Posts: 1
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Hello everybody, I use a dual boot laptop with Windows 7 Pro and Linux Mint 18.1 because it's my working laptop. Everything was fine until recently when the proxy was replaced by a squidproxy with kerberos and I couldn't log in to browse internet in the Mint OS. I have a domain user into the windows domain but the informatic people told me it's necesary to be full logged to the domain because the kerberos protocol... the question is, how can I integrate the Mint OS in the Windows Domain? I tried with some articles but it seems I did something wrong because after I install sssd,, realmd, etc and I configure them when I reboot I can't enter to the Mint OS, and I have to reinstall it... I don't want to use samba + winbind but if anybody have a solution I will be very grateful.

I don't want to join to the windows domain because I can do it easily... I want to fully integrate the mint user in order to replace my Windows OS into the domain...

Excuse my bad english, best wishes to everybody


Juan Carlos



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